Meet the Dirty Driving Team

Meet the Dirty Driving Team

Katie Hornsby, Host

Hi! I’m Katie, the host of Dirty Driving! I currently live in Downtown Chicago but I am from St.Louis originally. I got introduced to Formula 1 while I was studying abroad. I was fortunate enough to visit Monaco and while I was there they were setting up for the Grand Prix. I got back to the airbnb that night and started my research. I found the first season of Drive to Survive and stayed up all night binging it, immediately becoming a fan.

The sport is unlike any that I grew up with. The complexity of the team's battles and the intra-team politics of your teammate being your biggest competition grabbed my attention immediately. I soon began to appreciate all the drama both on track and off. A couple years later I had the idea to share my love of F1 by starting Dirty Driving. Since starting I have fallen more in love with the sport every day and look forward to being a fan and continuing my education for years to come!

My favorite team and driver vary depending on who hasn't pissed me off that week. But all time, Lewis Hamilton is someone I look up to both within and outside of F1. Ferrari, a team that requires a lot of loyalty, has to be my all-time favorite. 

Thanks for being apart of the Dirty Driving community and enjoying with traveling circus with me!! 🧡💙

Jack Freeman, Content Creation Intern

Hi, Dirty Driving community I’m Jack Freeman, a general content creation intern for the podcast!

I’m currently a college student finishing up my second year at Sacramento State University in California. My major is Journalism and am pursing a career in sports writing, which has been a lifelong passion of mine.

My favorite sport is American Football with my favorite team being the Seattle Seahawks, you’ll often see me wearing Seahawks attire and if not always some shade of blue!

I’m relatively new to the F1 fandom and this will be my first full season I’ve watched. My racing background lies primarily in NASCAR, a sport I’ve been an avid fan of since I was little. I wasn’t really introduced to the sport of F1 until around 2018 when I began hearing about the F1 video game, made by Codemasters. Countless people told me it was one of the best racing games on the market, so I gave it a shot and my casual F1 fandom began.

However, as a California native the main thing holding me back from diving into the full sport was the start times. 9AM, 11PM, those are doable start times, but for a casual fan 6AM on the weekend was a tough sell and I was often not buying.

This season I’ve bought in and am excited to keep learning about this fascinating sport. I’ve also discovered energy drinks, which will keep me up through all the early, too early, starts.

As for my fandom, I root for HAAS because that is a named I recognized from NASCAR. My favorite drivers are Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Kevin Magnussen.

Lauren Kostenko, Content Creation Intern

My name is Lauren Kostenko, I am a Content Creation Intern here at Dirty Driving! I am mainly in charge of content on Instagram and TikTok. I am a senior graduating from The University of Alabama this May, with a bachelor's in Advertising and a minor in Sales. In my free time, I love to read (big fantasy girl) and go to concerts. Some of my favorite artists include Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and The 1975. 

I feel my F1 journey looks a lot like many new fans of the sport. My family got into watching “Drive to Survive” during quarantine, the show sparked my interest a little, as did the constant races playing on our living room TV. It wasn’t until this past summer when I stumbled upon F1 Twitter and my family showed me Conor Moore and his F1 impressions, that I really got into the sport.

My favorite driver is between Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris and my favorite team is Ferrari (it’s been a painful start to the season).

I am excited to see how this season shakes out and all the fun content we have planned here at Dirty Driving!

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